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Books Arrived!

Okay, so, it’s actually getting real now. The book looks incredible, and physically touching it, makes it REAL. They say, the moment a writer becomes an author, is when they hold their first book in their hands. It did make me feel different, in a great way. But there was a long way to go before opening that brown box. The fear of everything looking horrible, was terrifying. So many things could’ve gone wrong, but luckily for me – that didn’t happen. The cover was exactly the way I thought it would be, even richer. Opening the first page to my dedications was emotional. Turning the page to chapter 1, I suddenly found myself laughing alone in the kitchen like a maniac. It was just one of those shocking moments, the “wow” moment.


I wrote this book over six years ago, in a completely different place in my life. And to see it take form as an actual novel, is a beautiful feeling. Thanks to my publisher and the design/editing/PR team on Black Rose Writing! I hope others can relate and take off into the world I created here. It sure was a lot of fun imagining it 🙂

Now, on to gearing up for the book launch party next month in a historic church and cemetery! Marketing, so far, is a whole different ball game… but that’s a different post.

1 month away!

Me x

5 Responses to “Books Arrived!”

  1. admin says:

    Thanks so much for following, Sanny! Just did 🙂 Will make it more regular!

  2. SannyBiz says:

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

  3. Bob says:

    I predict you will have many more “wow moments”. You have that DRIVE and TALENT that many wish they had. I am anxiously awaiting the book launch and look forward to reading “Dead School”.

  4. Linda says:

    Your description is so vivid, like I was there with you 🙂 Good Luck and sell lot and lot of your books!

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