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Book Launch : Right Around The Corner


November 1st is in two days, which means November 15th (the release date of Dead School is in 17 days)….  Buy Dead School here.  Which means November 17th (book launch party) is in 19 days, which means… I need more coffee!

Check out this beautiful and historic church we scheduled for our little launch party in about two weeks:

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 9.18.49 AM

Come on by if you’re in the NJ area! Check out the events tab on this website, or my FB page for directions. The more, the merrier (living or dead) 🙂 Mwa ha ha..

One day, I will write about all the details authors need to know when gearing up for a book launch. You know, all the stuff they don’t tell you before you’re published. And, all the stuff you sort of learn along the way (thrown onto a road with a new set of wheels and can’t close your eyes or you’ll crash).. sort of thing. Still navigating, and not doing so bad! If you guys have any burning questions, please shoot me an email! I love those! I live on those! My computer screen is always on. I might set up a live video and answer a few. Stay posted!

Two weeks away!

Me xo


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